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Purple Iris Website & Accessible Sewing Session Launch

We have already had a busy week here at Purple Iris and it is only Tuesday!

Yesterday was the first ever accessible sewing session held at Sight Support Worthing. We had a great time with plenty of tea, coffee, biscuits, chatting and sewing. Everyone made a great start on their bags which were created from discarded upholstery samples that were destined for landfill. We are looking forward to the next session and finishing these off.

Today there is another Purple Iris first. We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Purple Iris website complete with our online shop which can be found at . We will be expanding our product line once we are sure that we have chased out any gremlins hiding in the code so please bear with us if you find any glitches!

Feel free to take a tour, shop and comment below with anything you would like to see added over the coming months.

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