About Us

Purple Iris is a not-for-profit that was set up in November 2018 to make fashion and accessories that are comfortable and easy to use by people with disabilities. Our founder, Nic Hopkins, started altering her own clothes not long after she began using a wheelchair as she found many garments uncomfortable. It wasn’t long before Nic progressed to designing and making items from scratch to suit her needs and, after she received several enquiries, decided to create Purple Iris to enable others to purchase items that suit their needs and personalities.

Purple Iris is run primarily by people with disabilities and we are keen to share our skills with others. In February 2019 we were lucky enough to be awarded a Lottery grant which has enabled us to set up monthly accessible sewing sessions. These sessions are held in Worthing, West Sussex and anyone is welcome to come and learn how to sew and make alterations themselves or chat to us in person about an item you would like us to create for you. Head over to our events page to see where and when the next one is being held.

We are client led and produce products to suit a wide variety of needs. Products we have created so far include:

  • Wheelchair leg wraps
  • Rear fastening tops
  • Bowl cosies
  • Weighted blankets
  • Reusable wipes
  • Easy access dog treat bags

If you can’t see an item on the website that you need or would like made, please do not hesitate to contact us.