Meet the Team

Nic Hopkins, Founder

Nic Hopkins set up Purple Iris in November 2018 and is responsible for much of our product design and production.

Nic started using a wheelchair in 2011 and quickly noticed how uncomfortable many of her clothes were. Barely able to sew in a straight line to begin with (her background is theoretical physics), she was determined to learn to alter garments. It took a lot of trial and error but it wasn’t long before Nic started designing and making clothing and accessories from scratch that she found easier and more comfortable to use. After receiving several enquires, she decided to set up Purple Iris to enable others to purchase adapted items.

She is passionate about empowering others to find or create items that suits their personalities as well as their needs.

Tabby Hart, Marketing and Communications

Tabby Hart is our photographer and social media extraordinaire as well as being responsible for making up Purple Iris products for the website.

Tabby has always had a passion for photography and although she’s had to alter her way of shooting since becoming disabled, her own personal style still shines through. Tabby became involved with Purple Iris as she was an amateur sewer looking for garments to fit her body and sense of style. Her passion is creating images where the models feel both comfortable and beautiful.

Lynne Hopkins, Logistics

Lynne Hopkins taught Nic how to sew and helped fix more than a few of her less successful early attempts. Lynne helps fulfil orders as well as doing much of our packing and shipping.

Many of our team would struggle to work on our projects if it were not for the help of their wonderful assistance dogs provided by Canine Partners. So without further ado the canine contingent of are team are:

Flora, Director of First Impressions

Flora is Nic’s Canine Partner and is the chief tester of our prototype pet products. She is super friendly and often tries to introduce herself before Nic which led to her being dubbed “Director of First Impressions”.

Flora is particularly fond of the squeaky toys that we make from the offcuts of our other projects helping us to ensure that nothing goes to waste!

Lindy, Photoshoot Director & Model

Lindy is Tabby’s Canine Partner and enjoys keeping an eye on the Purple Iris photoshoots. Lindy loves to indulge in the limelight of modelling when she hasn’t got her paws full.